Sign Language Made Simple: The Book & Practice DVD Video

You've just found a quick and easy way to learn to sign and communicate with those who are Deaf.

Use a book and video combination that has led a great many to success.

Learn Contact/Conversational signing, an English-based visual communication method often used by interpreters to transliterate for their Deaf clients.

Practice when convenient and at your own pace.

Enjoy having a personal video coach and signing partner.

Master a sizeable ASL sign vocabulary in less than one year.

Discover the joy of new relationships.

Sign Language Made Simple Book and DVD

Read about Ruth's unusual life in her memoir,

Adventures of a CODA, Child of Deaf Adults.

For more information, visit the Instructors page.

Ruth Reppert's radio Interview with Marcia Littlejohn

Sign in English Sentences!
Enjoy a DVD Practice Partner!
Converse Easily!