Introducing the Video

Enjoy having your own Practice Partner and Coach. 
Upgraded DVD

**This is a photo of the soon-to-be released 2017 updated version of the 1990 original Practice Video. Orders placed for this DVD are temporarily on hold. Thank you for your patience. See below.

With almost two (2) hours of instruction and demonstration, the Practice Video for Sign Language Made Simple, is a companion to the book and completes the lessons by bringing the book's sign drawings to life in proper motion and adding facial expression as in Total Communication. The book and video are designed to work together to ensure that your learning is QUICK and EASY and that your signs are CORRECT. 

First, complete a book lesson.  Then, at your convenience, join your video coach and signing partner, a native signer and professional sign language interpreter, and practice your signing along with her as you gain fluency and enhance memory. With her hints and her encouragement, she will support you every step of the way.  You  can repeat and/or review lessons whenever you choose, and, by muting the sound volume, you can practice reading your coach's signing, too. This is an important skill, for you will want to understand a Deaf person when he or she signs to you. 

Included are the Manual Alphabet and numbers, while periodic segments enable you to check your own progress.  

ISBN 978-1-60731-521-6

**While the content in this remastered video essentially remains the same as the earlier version, audio and video have been enhanced to better meet today's technology. For ease of use, there now is a menu that enables you to use your remote control to instantly move to, or repeat, any segment.     

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