Sign Language Made Simple: The Instructors

Edgar D. Lawrence

Edgar D. Lawrence earned a master’s degree from California State University at Northridge where he completed the National Leadership Training Program in the area of deafness. An associate professor of psychology and special education at Central Bible College, Springfield, Missouri, he also taught classes on deafness and sign language. Based on his knowledge of teaching and learning and on his association with Deaf people, he designed Sign Language Made Simple to enable the general public to communicate easily and effectively with Deaf individuals.

 Ruth A. Reppert
Adventures of a CODA: Child of Deaf Adults by Ruth A. Reppert. Opens new window.

Ruth A. Reppert, the daughter of Deaf parents and a native signer, grew up immersed in the Deaf community. A graduate of the University of Chicago, she taught in the public schools for 24 years, then became a professional interpreter certified CSC by the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. She initiated and conducted the "Community Education on Deafness" program at Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and taught continuing education classes using Sign Language Made Simple. She and her husband, Robert, produced the Practice Video/DVD in which she appears as the practice partner and coach.

The Adventures of a CODA: Child of Deaf Adults

In 2016, she published her memoir, ADVENTURES OF A CODA, Child of Deaf Adults, sharing her unique experiences growing up in the "Deaf World" and giving insight into the life of a CODA, the challenges of deafness, the struggles and triumphs of the Deaf, and the vital role of sign language interpreting. Click the cover photo for more information.