“The signing on this Practice Video is clear, accurate and executed by a highly qualified interpreter well acquainted with deafness. It demonstrates the signing mode used in the United States by most Deaf people when they communicate informally with hearing persons.”

Dr. Thomas A. Mayes, Ph.D.
Former Vice President,
Gallaudet University
Washington, D.C.

“The classes I previously attended taught us the manual alphabet, numbers, how to fingerspell words, and the signs for words, but no method or order to what we were learning. I became discouraged and quit. Then a friend told me of a class starting called ‘Sign Language Made Simple.‘ I enrolled, and what a surprise! We started learning to communicate in sign from the very first lesson. The ease of communicating made more sense, simple sentences, the book, and the accompanying Practice Video made practice easier and was an excellent guide. Would I recommend it? You bet!”

Diane, Vero Beach, Florida

"With this textbook and Practice Video, learning to sign has been easy and fun. I like reviewing and practicing my lessons at home with the video. I have had occasion to use my new skills and to help my bank customers quickly and efficiently. I heartily recommend that you learn to sign with SIGN LANGUAGE MADE SIMPLE materials. You, your employer, and the next deaf person you meet will be glad you did.”

Kimberly, Margate, Florida

"Several of my co-workers are deaf. After just 15 lessons using the SIGN LANGUAGE MADE SIMPLE materials, I’m already using my skills every day for work issues. My studies are not only giving me sign communication skills, they are enabling me to develop new friendships that I might not ever have had and have helped me to understand the Deaf community."

April, Deerfield Beach, Florida