Sign Language Made Simple: The DVD Video

Enjoy having your own Practice Partner and Coach.

In 1990, a continuous-play videotape was produced to demonstrate the book's sign drawings in action. It was designed for students to use for lesson practice at home. In 2018, that early video was remastered to transform it from a tape to a DVD that features a menu, allowing the user to navigate the contents quickly and to find, repeat, or review a lesson. The DVD is the book's vital companion because it provides a video coach who signs every sentence in the book adding facial expression, as in Total Communication. The book and the DVD are intended to be used together. This enables learners to sign smoothly and correctly, and to learn quickly and easily.

After first completing a book lesson, either in a class or independently, join your DVD coach, a native signer and professional sign language interpreter, and practice signing along with her to gain fluency and to enhance memory. With her hints and her encouragement, your video coach supports you every step of the way.

Review lessons whenever you choose and as often as you wish. Mute the sound and practice "reading" your coach's signing, too. This will prepare you to understand when a Deaf person signs to you. Since it is difficult to read a sentence and watch the signing simultaneously appearing on the screen, closed captioning has been omitted. Instead, those who have the need can pause the screen to read the book's sentence, then play the segment to sign with the coach.

Included are the Manual Alphabet, numbers, and a sign-interpreted song, while periodic segments enable you to check your own progress.

ISBN 978-1-60731-521-6

Sign Language Made Simple Practice Video, by Edgar D. Lawrence. Ruth A Reppert, Signing Coach